Below is a brief summary of my service pricing and practice policies, to be reviewed in more depth at the onset of treatment. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to request clarification. I view therapy as a collaborative process, and want all my clients to feel very comfortable and have a full understanding of the process so they can make fully-informed decisions.

Fees & Insurance

I offer free, confidential, no-obligation phone consultation with prospective clients. This offers you the opportunity to get answers to any questions you might have about me, my practice, or therapy in general, and hopefully you will gain a sense of whether or not you feel we would work well together. Again, this is a confidential communication. If you have been referred to me by another therapist, a current client, or anyone else, I will not acknowledge to that referring person that we have spoken -- regardless of whether or not we engage in ongoing treatment.

My standard fee is $175 per session. Fees may be paid via check, credit / debit card, cash, or PalPal / Venmo. I will always provide at least 30 days' advance notice before any increase to standard fees.

I am pleased to offer sliding-scale fees to a limited number of clients who might not otherwise be able to receive treatment. If interested, please contact me to discuss your circumstances and check on availability.

Please inform me if you wish to utilize health insurance benefits to pay for therapy.  I do not bill insurance directly, but will discuss the procedure for you to follow should you wish to seek reimbursement from your health care plan. Working in this way maximizes my control over the quality and confidentiality of your treatment. Note: not all insurance plans or providers reimburse out-of-network providers. Clients remain responsibility for all fees incurred regardless of their provider’s policies or practices.


Sessions are typically scheduled once per week for approximately 50-55 minutes. Longer sessions or alternate scheduling at pro-rated fees are available by mutual agreement.

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, advance notice is required 24 hours before the scheduled session time. The client is responsible for the full session fee if 24 hour prior notice is not given. 


Trust is cornerstone of the working relationship between client and clinician, which is why I take your right to confidentiality very seriously. That said, confidentiality isn't absolute. There are some circumstances when psychotherapists are either permitted or even legally required to break confidentiality for the good of their clients or the public. These reasons include:

  • By your written request, or with your written permission

  • In the event of reported child abuse, elder abuse, or dependent adult abuse

  • In the case of an individual posing a serious threat to the bodily safety of themselves or others

  • During a legal proceeding if so ordered to do so by a sitting judge

It is also considered professionally appropriate to consult with other therapists or expert professionals in order to provide the best possible care to a client, provided no potentially identifying information about the client is revealed.

Please remember that the above examples are the exception, not the norm. Even admission to illegal activity (such as drug use, theft, fraud, etc.) is considered confidential. By choosing a therapist who works independently and outside of the managed care system, I'm able to have maximum control over your privacy and direction of treatment, without reporting to your insurance company or employer.

Questions?  Just call.

I welcome any and all questions about my practice, qualifications, or treatment methods. By being as up-front and direct as possible, you will have the information you need to make an informed decision about your care and treatment. So feel free to get in touch today. 

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